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How to create catchy headers?

Headers are the ones that people notice first. The header is the one that actually pulls in people to read the rest of the content. There are some things to keep in mind to create catchy headers.

  • Never make it too long. A header can be catchy only when it is short.
  • Do not use offensive words in a header.
  • Never confuse the readers. You cannot gain anything by confusing people with diverting headers.
  • Add the factor of surprise in those headers.
  • Don’t use colloquial language very often. It is nice and accepted when used in limitation.

Follow these steps and create some catchy headers.

How Can You Use Our Beautiful Headers?

  1. First choose the header image that you want to work on
  2. Next click on the header or footer picture that you just chose
  3. Next just right click on your mouse and save the image on your PC – Done!

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